Sensing edges for safety applications

Tapeswitch sensing edges are pressure-sensitive safety edges typically mounted on the leading edge of a moving object to stop the object and provide cushioning in the event of an impact.

If you need extra protection for vulnerable equipment, people, or both, we can provide a reliable and durable sensing edge that meets your specific requirements and gives you peace of mind.

How our sensing edges work

Each sensing edge comprises a Tapeswitch ribbon switch inside a durable outer material fitted into either a plastic or aluminium mounting channel. Different options are available depending on whether you need to provide protection for head-on impact, side impact or both.

When the edge meets an obstruction, the housing profile eforms, forcing the normally open ribbon switch connectors to short circuit, and initiating a signal to stop the object.

A variety of housing materials, profile designs and switch positions offer complete customisation of your actuation force and overtravel requirements.

We offer a range of control units to suit different needs – call our technical team to discuss.

Standard designs, custom configurations

Each of our standard designs can be configured in a wide variety of ways. This means you get a customised product that’s easy to install and performs perfectly because it meets your exact specifications.

If we don’t already have a design that matches your specifications, we can make one that does!

Looking for larger sensing edges or greater customisation?

We also offer a range of bumpers, and can provide a full design and manufacture service using our in-house design, 3D print and moulding capabilities.

Talk to our team

To find out how our sensing edges could work with your equipment, give us a call on +44 (0) 1257 249777 or email us at

Why choose a Tapeswitch sensing edge

Trusted and established product

  • Proven reliability and longevity
  • Simple but effective technology
  • Easy installation

Supplied direct from UK manufacturer

  • Advice from knowledgeable technical team
  • Easy ordering
  • Speedy support

Extensive range of designs

  • Multiple profiles and colour choices
  • Specialist materials for harsh environments
  • Choice of mounting channel options

Custom configurations as standard

  • Special shapes
  • Mitred corners
  • Different sensitivities