Sensing Edges

Tapeswitch sensing edges are pressure-sensitive devices which are designed to protect personnel and equipment in a variety of environments.

A Tapeswitch sensing edge has the Tapeswitch ribbon- switch encased in a durable housing material which can be fitted into a choice of plastic or aluminium mounting channel.

Sensing edges are typically mounted on the leading edge of a moving object, the sensor is activated when it meets an obstruction, as the sensing edge deforms, a signal is initiated and the sensing edge then acts as a ‘cushion’ to allow the moving parts to come to rest without exerting excessive force on the obstruction. Tapeswitch sensing edges are custom-made to order to your exact size and are available in a wide range of different profiles and sensitivities to suit the demands of your application.

All Tapeswitch Sensing Edges can be manufactured with either 2-wire non-safety, 4-wire fail-safe or 2-wire EOL fail-safe options and should be used with a suitable control unit.

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Automated Doors
  • Vehicle Management
    • car park barriers/counting/alerts
  • Scisior Lifts
  • Cargo Loading Vehicles
  • Conveyors

Features and Benefits

  • Custom configurations
  • Wide range of models
  • Choice of colours
  • Optional sensitivities
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Easy installation
  • Fail-safe wiring available
  • Durable construction
  • Customised profiles to suit customer specification