Ribbon-Switches, Sensing Edges, Safety Mats and Bumpers

Tapeswitch design and manufacture innovative pressure-sensitive sensors using ribbon-switch technology.

Tapeswitch ribbon-switch technology has been used at the core of every Tapeswitch product for over 60 years.  The ribbon-switch itself is the essence of simplicity.  Used at the core of a sensing product it can help create sophisticated sensing solutions.

To help you out you will find our website is split in three sections to show some key product ranges, the market sectors we have worked in, and specific application stories which highlight the versatility of the products and services we offer.


Market Sectors

Application Stories


you can press it….touch it….stand on it….sit on it….lean against it….bump it….bend it….curve it….twist it….drive over it…cycle across it….or anything you need it to do…. in simple terms if you want to turn something on or off, whatever the market, whatever the application, for safety, control or detection our switch can do it.