Innovative switch and sensor technology for safety, detection, signalling and control

Tapeswitch design and manufacture switches and pressure-sensitive sensor products for safety, detection and control applications. We also supply a range of complementary products. Whatever your specific switch or sensor design challenge, we can help you create a sophisticated, effective and reliable solution.

You can incorporate our switches directly in your own products, or ask us to create customised applications and components to fit your product designs.

Based in the UK, we work with companies worldwide.

Patented ribbon switch technology

At the heart of many of our products you’ll find our patented press-at-any-point Tapeswitch ribbon switch technology. Simple yet ingenious, the technology is endlessly adaptable. Whether you’re looking to turn something on or off when it’s pressed, touched or bumped, stood on, sat on or leant against, bent, twisted or driven over, we have the answer.

Proven track record

Our switches and sensors underpin applications everywhere from BAE Systems airbridges to the Warbuton’s bakery production line, Skyjack’s aerial work platforms, and the Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour.

Bespoke design and manufacture service

We provide a bespoke design and manufacture service here in our UK factory. Tell us what you’re looking for, and our design engineers will work closely with you to create exactly what you need.

Off-the-shelf components

We supply a variety of off-the-shelf components suitable for wide-ranging product design needs. We’re happy to take orders of any size. Fulfilment is fast and efficient, because we supply direct from our own factory.