Safety Mats

Mats can be used in safety applications where a floor sensor is preferred. We can incorporate surface patterns, colours, custom-shapes, -sizes, -sensitivities, and multi-zone detection. Large areas can be covered with a system of several mats, and there would effectively be no inactive area where the mats join together. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Field tested for over 20 years, the mat surface material is both weather and abrasion resistant and has an excellent record in the machine tool and automation industry.

A system consists of a mat sensor and a control unit. Mats have a heavy-duty construction and comprises an array of ribbon-switches sandwiched between two layers of durable PVC material. When a person stands on the mat one or more of the switches is operated and a stop signal is transmitted to the machine control system.

Typical Applications

  • Machinery safety
  • Interactive
    • Play zones
    • Theme parks
    • Advertising
  • Access control
    • Banks
    • Intruder alert
    • Transport doors

Features and Benefits

  • Fail-safe
  • Choice of materials
  • Custom shapes available
  • Choice of colours
  • Customise with your Logo
  • Optional sensitivities
  • Multiple Switching Zones
  • Chemical and abrasion resitiant
  • Floor fixing options