Safety Mats

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Safety mats are sensors primarily designed to protect operatives working in hazardous areas.  The mats are IP67 rated and meet European machinery safety standards:  EN-13856 and EN13859

These safety mats can be used individually or as part of a system.  The mats have a heavy-duty construction and use the core ribbon-switch technology which is between two layers of durable material.  Once a person stands on the mat, the switches send a signal to the machine control system which will control what happens next.

Tapeswitch safety mats have been field tested for over 40 years in some of the harshest industrial environments.  They can be manufactured in a variety of different combinations to meet the requirements of any application. Several mats can be used to protect large surface areas with no inactive points.

All mats can be customised with a large range of options as each mat is individually manufactured by a team of Tapeswitch experts.  Options can include size, shape, colour, connectors, sensitivity, multi-zones and many more.  Send us your drawings with our online project planner.

Typical Applications

  • Machinery safety, platen presses, conveyor systems, pallet loading, CNC machines,

Take a look at our Market Sectors page for other interesting and innovative ways Tapeswitch safety mats can be used.

  • Interactive, Play zones, Theme parks, Advertising.
  • Access control, Banks, Intruder alert, Transport doors.


Features and Benefits

  • Fail-safe
  • Choice of materials
  • Custom shapes available
  • Choice of colours
  • Customise with your Logo
  • Optional sensitivities
  • Multiple Switching Zones
  • Chemical and abrasion resitiant
  • Floor fixing options