Product Overview

Products all with one common similarity, our switch. Tested to over 3 million operations at any-one-point it speaks for itself in reliability, longevity and durability.

Ribbon-switches can be made to almost any length and in a variety of colours and sensitivities, its this switch that’s at the core of all the Tapeswitch product range.

Sensing edges, also known as safety edges are generally used in applications where leading-edge protection or detection is required.  Whether it’s installed on a gate, barrier or door we have a wide range of profiles to suit your application. 

Safety mats and switch mats are commonly used to detect the presence of a person in a restricted or unsafe area.  Mats offer a low profile unobtrusive solution.

Bumpers are best suited to applications where extra-cushioning and greater over-travel is required. Ask us about our range of bumpers specifically for AGV’s, handling trucks and other powered vehicles.

Signalling sensors could be anything that doesn’t quite fit in to the categories above.  For many more examples of how we have done this take a look at our application stories.

All-in-all Tapeswitch provide industry with a complete package of presence-sensing safety and control solutions to cover the widest possible range of applications.  If you want a solution that’s not “run of the mill” we’ll be only too happy to work with you to achieve something unique and just right for you.

In addition we also have a range of complimentary products:

Control units, Interlock switches and Light Curtains, click on the link below for all the information you will need.