Product Overview

Tapeswitch provide presence-sensing safety and control solutions for almost any scenario.

Our standard products come with a wide range of customisable options; if you need a bespoke solution, we’ll design and make it for you.

Ribbon switches

Our original press-at-any point strip switches, still at the core of many of our products. Simple, reliable, durable.

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Sensing edges (safety edges)

Pressure-sensitive safety edges for leading edge protection and detection. Wide variety of profiles and customisable options plus bespoke design and manufacture.

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Pressure-moulded safety bumpers for collision protection. Ideal where soft cushioning and extra over travel is needed. Standard designs with customisable options plus bespoke design and manufacture.

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Safety mats

Industrial safety mats with press-at-any-point actuation to protect people working in hazardous areas. Bespoke products for both primary and secondary guarding scenarios.

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Switch mats and sensors

Switch mats that trigger an action when people or objects are detected. Each mat made to order to meet individual specifications.

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GNI interlock switches

A magnetic interlock switch giving a low-cost solution for access guarding. Ideal for guard doors and perimeter gates.

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DaDo Panic Alarm Strip

A ribbon switch system for fitting on walls to any length and that can be activated at any point by a finger, hand or arm.

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Guardscan light curtains

Light curtains creating an infrared detection zone around dangerous machinery. Any movement into the zone sends a stop signal to the machine.

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We also sell a range of control units and signalling sensors