Amusement, Leisure & Live Performance

Tapeswitch have a team of engineers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries when it comes to the diverse use of the Tapeswitch ribbon-switch technology.

In contrast to the safety products that we produce Tapeswitch have for many years been designing and manufacturing products for non-safety applications. Using the successful ribbon-switch technology the switch can be used in an infinite amount of applications in many different market sectors. The most popular is the leisure industry: play areas, theme parks and live performances all have the potential to require a Tapeswitch pressure sensitive sensor. Tapeswitch can provide innovative design solutions to the most obscure application.

Many of our products have been inspired by our customers, who bring ideas to our design team. We then provide a customised solution based on the customer’ requirements.

Play areas, theme parks, and live performances can be enhanced by visuals and sound to bring a new interactive dimension to the experience.

With the wealth of experience our sales engineers possess, the possibilities are endless. Be creative and let Tapeswitch take your application to the next level.

Typical Applications

  • Queue management
  • Barriers
  • Special effects
  • Stage-automation
  • Ride safety
  • Machine protection
  • Ts48 Sensing Edges

    “The quality of the product was excellent…I will be buying from Tapeswitch for my future applications”

    Mr Jeremy Kirk, Total Automation Ltd

    “I’ll buy again”

Recent applications.....

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Our customer team and design engineers will discuss the project and work together to give you a Tapeswitch solution to meet your exact requirements.

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