Airport, Aviation & Aerospace

Tapeswitch design/manufacture and supply a range of safety components for the Aerospace and Aviation industry.

Our sales engineers are familiar with using our products in this environment and can offer advice and expertise in specifying the right product for you application.

Our accreditation to the manufacturing standard BS EN 9001:2008 for quality gives the confidence in the products you select.

Typical Applications

  • Ground vehicles
  • Air bridges
  • Baggage conveyors



  • 121BP Switches

    “I would say that the combination of the EPDM-profile and 121BPM switch is a very reliable combination and has a very long life-time. I would also say that our customers in Sweden have a very high confidence in the complete part.”

    Ove Nystrom, Stig Whalstrom, Sweden

    “High confidence”

Tapeswitch bumpers have extra cushioning and over-travel