Tapeswitch Ribbon Switches

Tapeswitch ribbon switches are strips of pressure-sensitive switch providing a press-at-any-point, momentary, normally-open contact.

Based on our patented ribbon switch technology, the switches are simple, reliable and durable (tested to over 3 million operations). This makes them a popular choice for pressure-actuated switches and sensing devices in applications ranging from signalling to safety and beyond.

How Tapeswitch ribbon switches work

Tapeswitch ribbon switches comprise a cut-to-order length of separated copper or steel conductor elements coated in one of a choice of sheathing materials. When pressure is applied to the switch at any point along the length, the internal contacts meet. This causes a short circuit and initiates a signal to a control unit or directly to the device, as appropriate.

We can provide a switch design to cover virtually any activation mechanism, including foot, hand, finger, and mechanical contact, bending, bumping, twisting and being driven over.

A ribbon switch for every application

Choose from a broad range of pressure sensitivities and a variety of sheathing materials, end-termination seals, exterior colours, profiles, and lead-wire combinations. If you need to bend the switch around a corner, expose it to chemicals or submerge it under water (our 121BPis used in timing systems for British Cycling events across the UK), there’s a design to suit.

We can supply ribbon switches factory-sealed in any length and with either 2-wire non- safety, 4-wire fail-safe or 2-wire EOL fail safe options. Control units come as a separate product – our technical team will advise.

If none of our standard ribbon switches meet your needs, talk to us about a bespoke design. We’ll work with you to create a switch that matches your product goals and allows you to produce clever design solutions for your customers.

Ribbon switch products

Tapeswitch ribbon switches are the core technology in our safety mats and switch mats, sensing edges, sensor bumpers and dado panic strips.

Find out more

To talk to us about how Tapeswitch ribbon switches could work in your products or place an order, give us a call on +44 (0) 1257 246603 or email us at info@tapeswitch.co.uk



Why choose a Tapeswitch ribbon switch

Trusted and established product

  • Proven reliability and longevity (TÜV approved)
  • Simple but effective technology
  • Easy installation

Supplied direct from UK manufacturer

  • Advice from knowledgeable technical team
  • Easy ordering
  • Speedy support

Extensive range of designs

  • Multiple profile and colour choices
  • Coating materials for harsh environments
  • Choice of cable, connection and mounting options

Custom configurations as standard

  • Designs for almost any activation mechanism
  • Corner applications
  • Different sensitivities