Switch-mats and Sensors

Switch-Mats and Sensors

Tapeswitch switch-mats and sensors are pressure-sensitive devices designed to detect personnel or objects in a variety of safety and non-safety applications. Similarly these products use the same core ribbon-switch technology as in most of the Tapeswitch product range consequently providing a robust, durable and quality product.

Switch-mats and sensors can be customised.  Tapeswitch offer a multitude of different options of colour, size and sensitivities.

Switch-mats and sensors can be used in many market sectors, take a look at our application stories for more information.

Typical applications for this product can be, door entrances, banks and offices.  Ergonomic mats for operating machinery.  Interactive display areas for children’s play grounds and soft-play.

If you have an application that could utilise our ribbon-switch-technology, why not give our customer team a call or upload your details using our project planner tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom shapes & sizes
  • Optional colours & top surfaces
  • Optional sensitivities
  • Company logos
  • Aluminium edging
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Multiple switching zones