Switch Mats and Sensors

Our custom switch mats and sensors are pressure-sensitive control devices that trigger an action when people or objects are detected. The mats are used in a multitude of scenarios, from automated door entrances and machine operations through to interactive special effects for play areas, theme parks and theatre. (For safety applications, see safety mats).

We’ve provided the sensors for musical seats at the CBBC studio, made a staircase disappear live on the West End stage, and transformed stairs into a piano in a Spanish shopping centre.

Tapeswitch switch mats and sensors can act as any of the following:

  • a trip device, triggering a signal when a person enters the action zone
  • a presence-sensing device, staying actuated for as long as the person is inside the action zone
  • a combined trip and presence-sensing device

We also make multizone pressure mats for sending directional commands and signals to multiple pieces of operational equipment.

Every mat is made to order, allowing us to tailor the design to match your exact specifications.

How our switch mats work

Each switch mat combines a sensor and a control unit. The sensor is triggered when the specified activity takes place, sending a signal to the control unit which switches output relays on or off to stop the related action.

Unlike most manufacturers, we use a variety of technologies, which means we can choose the best option for each application. We’ll incorporate whichever will give the best results for your design ideas.

Press-at-any point actuation means you can be confident there will be no dead areas within the activity zone. The sensor will respond, no matter where the person stands (or sits, jumps, bounces or touches!).  For larger surface areas, we join several mats together, using specialist production techniques that ensure there are no inactive points.

Mats come in a variety of different materials, allowing us to customise actuation forces to the needs of the specific application.

Specially-designed edging fixes mats in position and helps prevent trip hazards.

Genuine bespoke service

Whatever your idea, we’ll help make it happen. We’ll work closely with you to find practical solutions that match your creative vision. Typically, we look beyond the brief, making innovative suggestions that result in unique and exciting end products.

We’re also the only UK manufacturer to provide a bespoke service for switch mats.

Discuss a project

Whether your project is well advanced or just an idea, we’re happy to talk about where our switch mats might fit in. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1257 249777 or email us at info@tapeswitch.co.uk

Why choose a Tapeswitch switch mat or sensor

Each mat made to order

  • A bespoke design for every project
  • Custom shapes, sizes, logo printing
  • Multiple technical options

Established UK manufacturer

  • Problem-solving ingenuity from experienced designers
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Speedy support

Proven durability and reliability

  • Field tested for over 40 years
  • Individually manufactured by expert team
  • Designs for indoors and out