Switch Mats & Sensors

Tapeswitch mats are pressure-sensitive switches designed to detect personnel or objects in a variety of applications. A mat will operate when pressure (usually from a person’s foot) is applied to the mat’s surface.

Mats can also be used in non-safety applications where a floor sensor is preferred.

We can incorporate colours, custom-shapes, -sizes, -sensitivities, multi-zone detection and moulded logos.

Typical Applications

  • Interactive
    • Play zones
    • Theme parks
    • Advertising
  • Access control
    • Banks
    • Intruder alert
    • Transport doors

Features and Benefits

  • Custom shapes & sizes
  • Optional colours & top surfaces
  • Optional sensitivities
  • Company logos
  • Aluminium edging
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Multiple switching zones