Safety Mats

Our safety mats protect people working in hazardous areas. With extensive experience in safety mat manufacturing, we’re able to offer a completely bespoke product with a fast turn-round time.

Options cover both primary and secondary guarding scenarios, and we can supply mats as either:

  • a trip device, triggering a signal when a person enters the danger area
  • a presence-sensing device, staying actuated for as long as the person is inside the danger area
  • a combined trip and presence-sensing device

Designs available include both mats to stop machines to protect operators, and mats to stop machines where an operator is required for safety but the operator is no longer present.

We also make multizone pressure mats for sending directional commands and signals to multiple pieces of operational equipment.

Whether you want to build in safety from the start for a new machine or are looking to retrofit a mat to an existing piece of equipment, we can provide exactly what’s needed.

How our safety mats work

Each safety mat combines a sensor and a control unit. The sensor is triggered when the specified activity takes place, sending a signal to the control unit which switches output relays on or off to stop or start the machine as appropriate.

Unusually, we work with two different technologies: ribbon switch, and parallel steel plate construction. This means we can choose the option that will work best for the specified scenario.

Press-at-any point actuation means there are no dead areas – no matter where the person stands, the sensor will respond. For larger surface areas, we join several mats together, using specialist production techniques that ensure there are no inactive points.

Mats come in a variety of different materials, allowing us to customise actuation forces to the needs of the specific application.

Our specially-designed edging fixes safety mats in position and helps prevent trip hazards.

Quality and customisation

We are the only UK manufacturer to provide a full customomisation service, including cut-out sections, connectors, fixings and a choice of outer materials, providing mats that will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Where off-the-shelf safety mats might be a little cheaper, they are often a compromise. A poorly-fitting mat, for example, can put safety at risk, spoil product appearance, and wear inappropriately, shortening product lifespan.

With a mat designed for your specific application, you get a product that is easy to install, works just as you intended, and provides long-lasting reliability.

Our safety mat range

Our range of safety mats includes:

Tapeswitch CKP Mats

Standard heavy-duty construction; chemical, moisture and abrasion resistant and with non-slip corrugated surface that also prevents water or oil build up. Gives long life in factory settings. Rugged and reliable fully protected switching elements have an operating lifespan of several million cycles at any-one-point. IP65 rated.

Tapeswitch Armormats

All the benefits of the CKP mats plus a virtually puncture-proof construction ideal for heavy traffic areas. The mats incorporate a rubber membrane plus a layer or tough polycarbonate. In tests, Armormats have survived repeated gouging by dropped sheet metal, piercing by heavy spokes, and continual pounding with a large hammer!  IP65 rated.

Tapeswitch Diamond Plate Aluminium (DPM) mats

A super heavy-duty option, designed to detect vehicles or people in heavy industry settings. Made from non-sparking and non-magnetic heavy gauge aluminium deck plate, DPM mats are the most durable sensing mats available for manufacturing environments. You can rely on them to withstand factory traffic including forklifts and steel wheel carts in addition to welding debris, metal chips and foundry splatter. IP54 rated.

Tapeswitch LMI Safety Mats

Moulded parallel plate steel safety mats with logo printing option. Logos or any other graphic in any colour or combination of colours can be moulded directly into the mat. Ribbed surface for long life and anti-slip protection. IP67 rated.

Get in touch

Our team are always happy to answer questions about our safety mats and discuss specific requirements. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1257 246603 or email us at

Why choose a Tapeswitch safety mat

Each mat is made to order

  • No compromises, no on-site adaptations
  • Custom shapes, sizes, logo printing
  • Multiple technical options

Trusted and established UK manufacturer

  • Speak directly to experienced designers
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Speedy support

Proven quality and reliability

  • Field tested for over 40 years
  • Individually manufactured by expert team
  • Designs for even the harshest conditions