Bumpers for safety applications

We design and manufacture pressure-sensitive moulded safety bumpers that provide collision protection for equipment and people.

Tapeswitch bumpers are ideal wherever soft cushioning and extra over-travel is needed (for alternative leading edge protection options, see sensing edges).

A range of standard sizes plus in-house design, 3D print and moulding capability means we can supply bumpers to almost any specification. As a result, you’ll find our bumpers in action everywhere from air bridges to automatic guided vehicles.

Whether you’re looking to design a bumper into a new product or retrofit one to an existing piece of equipment, we can provide exactly what’s needed.

 How Tapeswitch bumpers work

The bumpers combine sensor technology with a suitable cushioning material fitted into a mounting channel to give press-at-any-point actuation. When the bumper meets an obstruction, the housing profile deforms, and the sensor technology signals the object to stop.

Working with a range of sensor technologies, we choose the option that will perform best in each individual case.

Standard profiles, custom configurations

A wide range of bumper profiles are available as standard, each with a variety of custom configuration options. Configurable elements include housing material, switch position, mounting channel, and colour.

We can provide a fast turnaround, because we make each bumper here in our own factory using components held in stock.

Custom moulded bumpers

If you need a bespoke approach, we can design and manufacture custom moulded bumpers that match your specific needs. Our experienced design engineers will work in partnership with you, applying both practical problem-solving expertise and innovative thinking to your design challenges.

With in-house industrial 3D printers, advanced moulding equipment and a highly-skilled manufacturing team, we can make bumpers of any shape and to the most demanding of specifications.

Tapeswitch custom bumper customers include Rolls Royce (for jet engine protection), BAE systems, and the UK’s Diamond Light Source national synchrotron.

Talk to our team

To talk to our team about bumpers for your equipment, give us a call on +44 (0) 1257 249777 or email us at info@tapeswitch.co.uk

Why choose a Tapeswitch bumper

Trusted and established products

  • Proven protection for high value equipment
  • Effective and reliable technologies
  • High performance materials

Convenient UK base

  • Advice from knowledgeable technical team
  • Easy ordering and fulfilment
  • Speedy support

Configurable standard range

  • Multiple profiles, colour choices, and mounting channel options
  • Specialist materials for harsh environments
  • Easy installation

Custom designs

  • Partnership working with design engineers
  • Practical knowledge, innovative ideas
  • In-house manufacturing