Interactive Piano Mats


Getting fit and active is being promoted widely across the world and in a bid to get shoppers, young and old, to take the stairs instead of the escalator, this Spanish shopping centre wanted to install a large interactive piano-mat up the staircase.

Created in 2009, this was the first installation of its kind for Tapeswitch. There were many things to consider and work out.


  • Shape of the individual mats
  • Piano pattern.
  • Low profile to prevent trip hazards.
  • Activation when a child stands on the mat.

All these factors were unknown at this point.

This project was a big learning curve and we were very thankful for the patience of our Spanish distributor and the customer while the design was finalised.


To allow for the completed system to be transported to Spain the design was split into individual key shapes which would fit the stairs. Each mat was manufactured using the ribbon-switches encased in a very thin durable PVC material and RF welded to form the seal. The sensor was modified to allow weights of 10kg to be detected.

Ongoing Developments 

We now have the capability to produce printed mats with even greater durability than the previous versions as well as more elaborate graphics. See the gallery below.

Give us a call for more information on 01257 246603.

Key Requirements

  • 2000 x 250mm interactive switch mat
  • Ribbon switch technology
  • Anti-trip/slip
  • Activate at 10kgs or more
  • Piano keyboard graphics