Hurling Score Pads


We were contacted by an Irish company with a requirement to manufacture a sensitive target pad to detect the hurling ball at predetermined points on a specially designed practice wall. The wall looks like a squash court, it stands 15ft tall and 25ft wide and is manufactured from concrete.

Hurling is an Irish sport played on a pitch similar to football or rugby, using a ball similar to that of hockey or cricket. The players use a “Hurl” to launch the ball at a goal almost like a rugby goal with the bottom half like a football goal.


The specially designed sensitive pad will provide the signal, which would then be processed through a computer software package to provide performance feedback to the players and coaches giving them a competitive edge over their opponents.

For the computer software to detect the activation of the switch we needed to modify our existing response enhancer. The existing response enhancer is typically used in DaDo application where their alarm control panel doesn’t see the quick pulse of the activated ribbon switch. The Response Enhancer latches on to the pulse and extends the time so their alarm panel can detect it. For the Hurling practice wall there could be a situation where a player has a basket of ball that he is constantly aiming at the target with little time between. In order for this to work we modified the response enhancer to have a response time of 2ms and keep hold of the pulse for 850ms.   The response enhancer can be useful for many applications where the sensor is activated quickly.

Key Requirements

  • Wall Mounted
  • Detection of ball
  • Multi-zone
  • Durable