Wireless Powered Gate Safety

The Tapeswitch PSSW Control System is specially designed for installations where it is inconvenient to have cable connections between a safety switch and the safety-related control unit.

A good example is the case of the connection between a safety sensing-edge on a cantilever or rolling gate and the static motor-control unit. The length of the cable run between sensing edge and control unit can be anywhere from 2 to 30 metres as the gate fully opens and closes. Using coiled cable or employing cable-tensioning systems to cater for this varying length of cable run can still leave the cable vulnerable. Equally it could simply be more convenient to have a wireless connection between a switching device and a control system.

Some applications can benefit from having several dispersed switches controlling the same outcome (OR function). Up to 6 transmitters can each monitor the state of a different switch and pass that information wirelessly to the receiver to give an output for the system. Each transmitter can be programmed to the appropriate receiver by simply pushing a button on the receiver PCB.

The operating range and ingress protection of the Tapeswitch PSSW Control Units make them ideal for outdoor application.