Panic Alarm Switch For Interview/Consulting Rooms

A NEW Panic Strip, designed for installation along the wall, has been introduced by Tapeswitch. It can be operated over its entire length and so it is ideal for installation in hospitals, care homes, interview or consulting rooms, in fact anywhere where people may need to signal for help or assistance. The DaDo Panic Strip has been developed from the company’s highly successful ribbon switch technology which has been used in industry for many years.

The DaDo Panic Strip is a press-at-any point switch strip that can easily be operated by a hand, finger or arm. It can be used to act as a emergency call system to summon assistance when personnel are under threat in high risk situations, such as Medical Consulting Rooms, Prison or Police Station Interview Rooms, Government Offices etc. or to request emergency help such as in Hospitals or Residential Care Homes. The DaDo Panic Strip is designed to be mounted along the wall of a room or even down a corridor and can be configured to suit the shape of any room.

The DaDo Panic Strip consists of a Tapeswitch ribbon switch fitted behind a brightly-coloured anti-tamper cover. The DaDo Panic Strip is simple, robust and reliable. Once the system is fully assembled it is tamper-resistant and difficult to vandalise the switch.