Supporting The Materials Handling & Logistics Sector

With  on the horizon it seems a good time for us to talk about some of the work we’ve previously done in the logistics sector. Since our inception the logistics market has always been a place that we’ve helped clients to evolve. There have been a wide range of challenges in the materials handling market where companies have chosen Tapeswitch to provide solutions.

Typical Applications

• Sensing Edges for Conveyor pinch-points
• Sensing Edges/Bumpers for Boom conveyors
• Bumpers for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)
• Bumpers for Reel handlers
• Custom Sensing Edges for Powered Pallet trucks
• Two-zone sensing mats for fork-lift trucks
• Integrated RFID systems for Cab seats
• Vehicle switches for warehouse facilities
• Custom designed Sensing Edges for Mobile Elevated work platforms (MEWP)
• Light curtains for palletisation area
• Sensing Edges for Pallet Invertors


We now have the capability to produce bumpers for many applications in the Materials Handling and logistics industry. Bumpers are typically larger and have more cushioning than the standard safety-edge and they can be retro-fitted to fork-lift-trucks, reel handlers, powered pallet trucks, boom-conveyors and many more. The ever-popular ribbon-switch technology is at the core which gives you re-assurance of the same durability and quality as all our other Tapeswitch-based products.

Custom Bumpers

As well as the usual industry-style bumper we can now manufacture custom shapes and designs based on your requirements. We use the latest 3D technology and printing techniques in the manufacturing process to produce small quantity prototype and finished products.

Safety Edges

We have a big selection of safety-edge profiles for many applications in the modern day warehouse and factory. Conveyors, pallet invertors, roller shutter doors are some of the most common. However, we are now seeing a rise in the use of edges in MEWP applications. After recent calls for safer working practices in this field the application calls for some very bespoke fine-tuning of the product to provide safety and prevent further deaths.

Presence-sensing Switch Mats

In the past we’ve worked with numerous vehicle manufacturers to produce bespoke in-cab sensing mats for fork lift trucks and similar vehicles. We have provided custom sensing solutions for this application to increase safety, productivity and down-time issue. Whether you require a simple on/off switching device or a more complex integrated system our sensing mats have the versatility to meet your requirements.

Vehicle Switch

The TVS2 Vehicle Switch. The switch is the perfect solution for factory and warehousing applications. The switch is housed in a durable strip and can be placed at specific points in the factory or warehouse to assist with roller-shutter operation, again, increasing productivity and keeping expensive energy costs down.

Our clients

Combilift, Weston Handling, Somfy, Rocla, Nationwide Platforms, Sovex and many more.

We’re looking forward to catching up with friends old and new at  and if anyone wants to know more about how we can help the transport and logistics sector then drop us a line.