Introducing Gary Davies

There’s not much to be said about Gary Davies that hasn’t been said. Sales Leader, engineer, production specialist, service professional, football coach, thespian and of course Stormtrooper!!!

Gary leads the business development and sales team here at Tapeswitch. Where Gary benefits is that his background is in electrical engineering. When Gary is out talking to clients his natural listening skills allow him to quickly identify innovative ways in which Tapeswitch technology can be used for our clients.

Gary works closely with MD Chris Higgins, Steve Carter, Karen Keighley and Blake Shields to ensure that all our clients get the very best service. He enjoys nothing more than getting out and demonstrating the incredible versatility of our product in ways that always amaze our customers.

Our MD Chris had this to say, “It’s a real privilege working alongside Gary. Having been here to watch his career evolve has been a real pleasure. Gary is a natural leader and expert electrical engineer. The experience and knowledge he provides is second to none and he continues to play a significant role in our ongoing success.”

And if you were wondering about the Stormtrooper link above then wonder no more. In his spare time Gary is part of the 99th Garrison, a group of Star Wars enthusiasts who keep spreading the word of the movie by attending events across the country dressed in authentic screen accurate costumes, straight from the films. In 2015 the group raised over £32,000 for charity, a fete that we’re sure you’ll agree requires the Force.

What does Gary say?
“My inquisitive nature and an eye for detail really helps when dealing with clients as I believe it ensures they get a truly bespoke service and often I’m able to identify applications for our technology that they wouldn’t otherwise see. I love the Tapeswitch technology and the reason why I am so passionate about it for our customers…. that’s also why I’m nuts about sales, developing the business and keeping customers happy and coming back for more”

Quick Questions with Gary

Name: Gary Davies

Age: 46 (on the outside, 18 on the inside)

From: Higher Walton, Preston

What would be your dream Job? Big budget screen actor or Rock Star

What makes you stand out from the crowd? My shiny bald head

What do you do when you are not working? Customers never sleep… I’m always working! I walk lots too, play the guitar and live out my boyhood dream of being a Stormtrooper – all for charity of course.

What are your 2 year and 5 year goals?

2 – Re-stabilise the UK market

5 – Secure the future ongoing success of the technology and company through delivering our 2020 Vision campaign

You can find out more and connect with Gary on his LinkedIn profile.