Introducing Karen Keighley

In our series of posts introducing the team at Tapeswitch it’s a pleasure to introduce our Marketing Manager Karen Keighley.

Following a career in the hospitality sector Karen joined us at a time when our marketing proposition was still in its infancy. Over the last fifteen years Karen has led the way with a wide range of projects, taking responsibility for events, literature and our digital platforms, evolving our messages alongside our proposition. With a naturally personable style Karen has formed strong relationships with clients old and new, and is often a go to person for many queries. She can regularly be found manning stands at trade fairs across Europe representing Tapeswitch.

What Chris Higgins (Tapeswitch MD) says about Karen…
“Karen is a highly integral member of the management team at Tapeswitch and plays a vital role in ensuring the right message goes out to our clients. With a range of products and services that suit a diverse selection of customers Karen manages to articulate our proposition incredibly well.

The role of women in manufacturing and engineering is a subject often discussed in the national and sector press. I would certainly say that Karen acts as a role model for any woman looking to forge a career in what is still a male dominated environment. During the time we have worked together she has led the way on a number of marketing initiatives that have contributed significantly to our businesses success.”

What does Karen say?
“I’ve always enjoyed working at Tapeswitch and its been amazing to see how my role and company have developed during my time. Like many marketing specialists I came into this area of the business without formal training, and developed my skills on the job. Seeing the business grow has been exciting, and over the last couple of years the changes in the digital marketing landscape have been a challenge but we’ve managed to adjust to that accordingly. I’m looking forward now to using the social platforms to engage clients more often. Personally, I’m also looking forward to completing my Postgraduate certificate at Lancaster University and using the new skills to support the company further”
Quick Questions with Karen

Name: Karen Keighley

From: Yorkshire

What would be your dream Job? Health Spa Manager/Owner!
I know this is a mile away from the usual factory surroundings, however, I would love to manage an exclusive Spa Retreat. I have always had an interest in skincare and beauty products so my dream job would definitely be in the Beauty industry.

Why did you choose a career in marketing?
I think it chose me, originally in sales at Tapesand progressed in to the creative side of maekering.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?
My can do attitude with a smile.

What do you do when you are not working?
I have a Black Flat Coat Retriever called Boston, I love to train him and take them on walks with my family. We particularly enjoy getting muddy! Although I’m not sure that’s a choice we make. I enjoy spending time with friends and girly weekends are high on my agenda. My holidays are spent in Lanzarote, I love the island, weather and food. I have a campervan which takes us around the country during the summer months and I also spend some weekends visiting family, my family is very spread out,
I have some in Preston as well as The South Coast of England and West Coast of Ireland.
What are your 2 year and 5 year goals?

My 2 year Goal is to graduate from University with a PG Cert in Professional Development.

My 5 Year goal! I want to continue working in Marketing at Tapeswitch and study Marketing at college to improve myself and the company.

You can find out more and connect with Karen on her LinkedIn profile.