Musical Seats at Media City

Tapeswitch ltd, Britain’s leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive products, safety light curtains and accessories has recently had another innovative application of its products commissioned, this time, an installation at the CBBC Studios at Media City in Manchester.

TTS Interiors was commissioned to produce the reception area seating for the CBBC Studio at the new Media City, Manchester. The brightly coloured seating area was to be fitted with special sound effects which would be activated when a visitor sat on one of the reception seats. The pressure from a visitor sitting down activated the sensor which in turn would result in the playing of pre recorded noises, music and voices. TTS interiors chose to work with Tapeswitch based on the company’s track record of developing innovate and bespoke solutions to pressure sensitive switching problems.

The sensor manufactured by Tapeswitch used five small switches and a layer of 2mm polycarbonate, which was sandwiched between two layers of 2mm flexible PVC. When the seat is sat on the polycarbonate layer, which was placed on top of the switches, evenly distributes the weight so not to damage any internal parts. The sensor was then RF-welded to create an airtight/waterproof seal.

As with all innovative designs, the project was not without its challenges and when the sensor was fitted into the seating cushion, it became apparent that the air, which was trapped inside the foam cushion when it was being upholstered, was causing the sensor to activate. Tapeswitch modified the sensor to include 2 small holes to allow the air to escape. The edges of these circular holes were then RF-welded to keep the sensor airtight and waterproof solving the initial problem.

Karen Keighley, Tapeswitch, commented “this is another example of how our products can be used to solve problems in very specific applications; we don’t just deal with large scale industrial applications but often work with contractors who require our products and services to deliver their ideas. It was great that after the initial modification the project ran so smoothly”