Solo/Sensing Edges – Integrally Monitored Sensing Safety Edges

Tapeswitch NEW Solo/Sensing Edges are based on the same principle as the existing range of highly successful Tapeswitch Sensing Edges, which are designed primarily to protect personnel and equipment in both industrial and commercial environments.

The major difference between the Solo/Sensing Edges and any other sensing safety edge is that it has a Category 3 fail-safe monitoring function built into the edge. It provides two volt-free outputs that are normally closed until the edge is activated when pressed. At this time the volt-free contacts open. This can be more convenient than the alternative of having an additional external control unit. This configuration is ideal for use with AS-Interface systems, which connect sensors and actuators to remote control systems through a two-wire cable. Solo/Sensing Edges can connect directly to the same kind of standard ASi-Safe I/O connection modules that are used to connect E-stop switches over the AS-Interface.

The construction of the NEW Solo/Sensing Edges is identical to the existing range of Tapeswitch Sensing Edges. It is based on a continuous length of Tapeswitch ribbon switch encased in a durable housing material available in a variety of colours, which is fitted into a choice of flat or angled channel to allow more versatile mounting arrangements.

Like all Tapeswitch safety systems and other products, Solo/Sensing Edges are manufactured under the control of a BS EN ISO9000 approved quality system.