Ribbon Switches For Creative Applications

Tapeswitch Ltd, Britain’s leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive products, safety light curtains and accessories is currently re-launching its range of Ribbon Switches following a significant increase in enquiries from the more creative manufacturing industries. These products deliver the highest levels of performance in thousands of applications, from signalling to safety and beyond.

Ribbon switches are press-at-any-point, momentary, normally-open contacts and a ribbon switch can be used to turn almost anything on or off. Whilst incredibly ingenious, they are the essence of simplicity and reliability and are frequently used in situations where the switch needs to be useable over a greater distance, for example along the length of a wall as a panic switch or as part of a floor pressure sensitive mat.

The Ribbon Switches manufactured by Tapeswitch offer a broad range of pressure sensitivities and a wide range of sheathing materials, switch lengths, cable and electrical component connections, mounting options, as well as a substantial resistance to moisture and chemicals. They are tested to and approved to meet the most critical British safety standards and each ribbon type is vigorously tested to one million operations at a single point ensuring excellent durability and reliability.
In additional to Ribbon Switches being sold to companies developing their own products and switching solutions, the ribbon switch is always incorporated in Tapeswitch edges and mats giving the full range of Tapeswitch products outstanding performance in every application.
The ribbon switches are available as a full range of standard products as well as a range of bespoke and innovative solutions which the team of designers at Tapeswitch can tailor to almost any application.

Karen Keighley of Tapeswitch commented, “The ribbon switch is a really simple concept but because of its reliability and flexibility we receive hundreds of exciting application requests every year from companies using them in ever more ingenious situations, the only real limitation to its use is peoples imagination. As well as supplying other companies with the switches we also use them in a number of our own successful products. ”

Tapeswitch’s reputation has been built by providing pressure-sensitive products with durability and reliability to meet the customer’s specific criteria, and deliver a greater return on investment due to a high quality build and increased longevity.