Ribbon Switch Technology – Flexible, Versatile And Reliable

Tapeswitch Ribbon Switches are the essence of simplicity with a ‘Press At Any Point’ touch or squeeze they give you the reliability that you require, they are versatile and flexible and can be bent or curved around corners. Every Tapeswitch Ribbon Switch comprises two copper-plated steel conductors held apart at the sides by an insulating strip and when pressure is applied at any point along the length, the two conductors are forced together in the centre closing the switch.

In thousands of signalling applications ranging from conveyor line stop/start switches, train and bus passenger signalling, panic/emergency alarms in banks and hospitals they have general-purpose usage to severe environment, they deliver the highest levels of performance.

We offer standard models for a broad range of pressure sensitivities and a wide range of sheathing materials, switch lengths, end terminating seals, exterior colours and lead wire combinations, as well as substantial resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Designed and custom manufactured to fit your specific application Tapeswitch Ribbon Switches have an option of self-adhesive backing or foam tapes to hold and position the switch. For permanent mounting in commercial, vehicle or industrial use, we offer aluminium or PVC extruded channels.

All Tapeswitch Ribbon Switches are TUV approved and meet category 3 requirements along with quality and control standards. Each switch is tested for mechanical and electrical reliability. As a result, the design life is three million actuations at any point.