TVS2 - Durable and reliable Vehicle Detection Switch

Tapeswitch have developed a variation on their existing road switch to meet the most demanding of signalling applications and environments.

The NEW TVS2 Vehicle Switch from Tapeswitch is a highly visible, durable and reliable road switch that is designed to detect the wheel of a vehicle. It can be used in many signalling applications including vehicle counting, traffic control, private road security. The TVS2 Vehicle Switch with its IP67 protection against water even allows it to be used as a signalling switch in automatic car washes.

The NEW TVS2 Vehicle Switch consists of a Tapeswitch ribbon switch sealed inside a PVC co-extrusion, which is then housed in a ramped edged aluminium channel to allow the smooth running of vehicles over the road switch.

TVS2 Vehicle Switch endplates have been developed to protect the cable exit and allow the road switch to be installed easily.

The versatility of Tapeswitch Technology means that this type of signalling switch can be used in other applications, for example, as a foot switch for the manufacturing industry.