Blueview Alignment System

The Blueview alignment system from Tapeswitch Ltd. is a simple but very effective way of allowing Guardscan light curtains to be optically aligned. In order to work reliably the emitter and receiver units of all infrared safety light curtains need to be optically aligned correctly. Often, during initial installation or after the light curtain has accidentally been knocked out of alignment, this can be difficult to do simply because the infrared light is invisible and the beams have such small diameters.

The Blueview alignment system overcomes this by passing the light from harmless blue LEDs through the same lenses used in the infrared light curtain. It is then quite simple to look at the LEDs and find their optical alignment axes. Aligning the blue LEDs will then automatically align the infrared light curtain. This means that anyone, even a non-specialist, can quickly identify and correct any alignment problems and get machinery back into production.

The Blueview alignment system uses 4 LEDs, one each at the top and bottom of the emitter and one each at the top and bottom of the receiver. This allows the curtain to be aligned not only so that the emitter is positioned to transmit the maximum signal towards the receiver but also so that the receiver is in alignment for the optimum focus position to receive it