Introducing Blake Shields May 2016

Tapeswitch is delighted to announce the recent appointment of Blake Shields to our Sales team. After his first few weeks with the company Blake has settled in perfectly and we are really looking forward to him getting out to meet our established customers and new clients.

Previous Career:
Blake joins us following an exciting career in retail where he enjoyed significant success in such a short time. After leaving college Blake joined the high street retail chain (pardon the pun) Pandora. As a conversationalist Blake found the sales aspect of the role came naturally. His ability to listen carefully to customers and identify their needs was honed alongside some great training.
After a few short months with Pandora Blake progressed into a senior and management level role in the company, and his reputation was growing. Blake was well known to our Sales Manager Gary Davies through sporting connections and it wasn’t long before Gary became aware of his commercial potential.

The Sales Manager’s Thoughts…..
“I’ve known Blake for several years and he’s always been an easy lad to get on with. It always struck me how confident and well-mannered Blake is so it wasn’t a surprise to hear him doing so well at Pandora. At Tapeswitch of course our business relies on the experienced sales team developing incredible working relationships with our clients. We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the ranks here and when I found out that Blake was performing well in a sales environment the transferable skills where evident,” says Gary.

Blake is now working closely with Gary, Neil Keighley in Production, Steve Carter in Sales and Karen Keighley in Marketing to develop a broad understanding of our sector. We hope you will join us in wishing Blake all the best with his new career.

Quick Questions with Blake
Name: Blake Shields
Age: 21
From: Born in Preston with Glaswegian family.

What would be your dream Job? I’d love to sell high performance vehicles.

Why did you choose a career in sales? I think people would say sales is a good choice because I’m a natural conversationalist, like meeting people, I have a flair for rapport building and enjoy networking.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? I’m passionate about customer service, success driven, flexible, great work ethic.

What do you do when you are not working? Football and Fitness.

What are your 2 year and 5 year goals? Within 2 years I’d like to be a fully independent sales engineer and then in 5 years hopefully aim for sales management.