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Waterproof Switch

Tapeswitch Sensing Edges

Tapeswitch sensing edges are pressure-sensitive devices which are designed to protect personnel and equipment in a variety of environments. A Tapeswitch sensing edge is a length of Tapeswitch pressure-sensitive ribbon switch encased in a durable housing material which can be fitted into a choice of channel.

Sensing edges are typically mounted on the leading edge of a moving object such that the sensor is activated when it meets an obstruction. As the sensing edge deforms, a stop signal is initiated and the sensing edge then acts as a 'cushion' to allow the moving parts to come to rest without exerting excessive force on the obstruction. Tapeswitch sensing edges are custom-made to order and are available in a wide range of different profiles and sensitivities to suit the demands of your application.

All Tapeswitch Sensing Edges can be manufactured with either 2-wire non-safety, 4-wire fail-safe or 2-wire EOL fail-safe options and should be used with a suitable control unit. Visit our Control Units page for details of Tapeswitch Control Units.

Solo/Sensing Edges - Integrally Monitored Sensing Safety Edges

Tapeswitch NEW Solo/Sensing Edges are based on the same principle as the existing range of highly successful Tapeswitch Sensing Edges, which are designed primarily to protect personnel and equipment in both industrial and commercial environments. The major difference between the Solo/Sensing Edges and any other sensing safety edge is that it has a Category 3 fail-safe monitoring function built into the edge.