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Tapeswitch Safety Mats

Tapeswitch mats are pressure-sensitive switches designed to detect personnel or objects in a variety of applications. A mat will operate when pressure (usually from a person’s foot) is applied to the mat’s surface.

When used as a safety device, mats are used to guard the floor around a machine or hazardous area. They can provide primary guarding, where other types of guarding may be impractical, and can also provide secondary guarding, i.e. they can be used in conjunction with an interlocked fence or light curtain to protect awkwardly shaped machines. In essence, a safety mat offers increased guarding flexibility as it can be used both to detect an operator entering a hazardous area and also to provide presence sensing of operators for as long as they remain inside a dangerous area.

All Tapeswitch pressure-sensitive safety mats are supplied with 4wire configuration as standard. When used with a PRSU/4 control unit they conform to EN13849-1 PLd. Visit our Control Units page for further details on our Control Unit range.

"Quick Connect" System for CKP Safety Mats

Tapeswitch Ltd are pleased to announce that their CKP/S1 Safety Mats can now be supplied factory fitted with the industry-standard M8 connector system.