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Play Areas

Tapeswitch have supplied many sensors for the play market. Our engineers know the characteristics of the ribbon-switch technology inside out and can develop products to give the best performance in tough environments like the Play market. The products have to withstand abuse of a different kind when used in soft play areas, not only does the switch need to be durable but it needs to be flexible, the connections and the configuration need to provide reliable and constant activation.

Have a look at our Tapeswitch Video to show how durable the sensors really are.

If you have an application that you think could use a Tapeswitch ribbon-switch sensor, then, please give our sales team a call on 01257 249777.

Tapeswitch a turn on for CBBC Studio at Media City

Tapeswitch ltd, has recently had another innovative application of its products commissioned, this time, an installation at the CBBC Studios at Media City in Manchester. The brightly coloured reception area seating was to be fitted with special sound effects which would be activated when a visitor sat on one of the reception seats.