Guardscan GS140 Solo Light Curtain

The Guardscan GS140 Solo Light Curtain manufactured by Tapeswitch Ltd. is a versatile development of the highly successful Guardscan range of GS140 Series Light Curtains which have been widely used in safety applications throughout industry for many years in order to provide protection for operators working at or near dangerous machinery.

The GS140 Solo Light Curtain will be of particular interest to users of ASi-Safety at Work and other safety bus systems.

The configuration of the GS140 Solo Light Curtain is ideal for use with AS-Interface systems, which connect sensors and actuators to remote control systems through only a 2-wire cable. This means that the GS140 Solo Light Curtain can connect directly to the same kind of ASi-Safe I/O connection modules that are used to monitor E-Stop switches over the ASi-Safe interface.

The Guardscan GS140 Solo Light Curtain is approved by TÜV and conforms to PLe EN13849-1 2008 when used in conjunction with ASi-Safe I/O modules.

Blueview Alignment System

The Blueview alignment system from Tapeswitch Ltd. is a simple but very effective way of allowing Guardscan light curtains to be optically aligned. In order to work reliably the emitter and receiver units of all infrared safety light curtains need to be optically aligned correctly.