Guardscan GS140 Multibeam Light Curtains

The Guardscan GS140 Multi-beam light curtain manufactured by Tapeswitch Ltd. provides an ideal solution to access and perimeter guarding applications such as storage and conveyor systems. The GS140 Multi-Beam provides PLe level of safety integrity as defined by EN13849-1 2008. It is available in a choice of 2, 3 or 4 beam configurations.

The LA-SE laser alignment tool is an accessory which can be used in conjunction with the GS140 Multi-Beam system. It provides a visual indication of the alignment of the sensing units and is extremely useful in aiding the installation of the light curtains over longer operating ranges.

Blueview Alignment System

The Blueview alignment system from Tapeswitch Ltd. is a simple but very effective way of allowing Guardscan light curtains to be optically aligned. In order to work reliably the emitter and receiver units of all infrared safety light curtains need to be optically aligned correctly.