Guardscan GS140 Series Light Curtains

Guardscan GS140 Series light curtains manufactured by Tapeswitch Ltd. combine precision design and leading edge technology to provide industrial machine shop safety.

The GS140 Series is a Type 4 light curtain which has been designed to be the ideal solution for the widest range of industrial machine shop safety applications. It is the result of a comprehensive design programme carried out to create a compact, intelligent light curtain capable of responding to the current and future needs of industry.

The GS140 Series consists of only two small units, the emitter and receiver which produce a fail-safe infra-red curtain across the area to be protected. The scan is optically synchronised by one of the beams and so there is no need for a third electronic unit or any connecting cables between the light curtain units.

The GS140 Series light curtain is available in a variety of curtain lengths and detection capabilities. The 14mm and 30mm models are intended for applications where it is necessary to detect fingers and hands. The 70mm model is ideal for detecting a person's torso. Slave units are available as a means to extend the light curtain beyond a single pair of units.

Blueview Alignment System

The Blueview alignment system from Tapeswitch Ltd. is a simple but very effective way of allowing Guardscan light curtains to be optically aligned. In order to work reliably the emitter and receiver units of all infrared safety light curtains need to be optically aligned correctly.