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Tapeswitch Control Units

Tapeswitch Control Units have been specifically designed to be used with our range of pressure-sensitive products such as ribbon switches, sensing edges, safety mats and signalling sensors. In all Tapeswitch Control Units the output relays are energised when the sensor device is clear (not actuated). When the sensor device is actuated the output relays will be de-energised.

Tapeswitch offer a range of control units with various degrees of safety integrity levels. All Tapeswitch Control Units provide constant monitoring of the sensor device. In the event of a failure within the sensor or its cable (open or short circuit) the safety control unit automatically detects this failure. In addition to the ability to detect a failure within the sensor or its cabling. The output contact arrangement and operational modes range from remote manual reset, auto-reset to self-contained manual reset.

All Tapeswitch Control Units operate with an input voltage of 24V DC and always supply a non-hazardous 24V DC to the sensor.

Wireless Powered Gate Safety

The Tapeswitch PSSW Control System is specially designed for installations where it is inconvenient to have cable connections between a safety switch and the safety-related control unit. A good example is the case of the connection between a safety sensing-edge on a cantilever or rolling gate and the static motor-control unit.