Beam Blanking with Guardscan Light Curtains

Beam blanking is an important function of the Guardscan Light Curtain range that allows selected areas of the sensing field to be disabled. This is particularly useful for those applications where, for example, a work-piece is obstructing the curtain or possibly moving up and down within the curtain. All Guardscan Light Curtains are capable of being blanked, with fixed and floating blanking options available for increased guarding flexibility. When in beam blanked mode, the light curtain checks for any change in the programmed condition and will initiate a stop signal to the machine if an allowable obstruction is removed.

Blueview Alignment System

The Blueview alignment system from Tapeswitch Ltd. is a simple but very effective way of allowing Guardscan light curtains to be optically aligned. In order to work reliably the emitter and receiver units of all infrared safety light curtains need to be optically aligned correctly.